Jason Resler

Sat, Jan 6, 2024

Jason Resler

with Rob Coleman, Jr.

Jason Resler is a stand-up comedian and a writer. He has also done a little bit of bad acting. Never the less he has performed improv with Academy Award winner Robin Williams in front of a sold out theatre. He is a well decorated US Naval war veteran, a father, and he has resigned from the US Postal Service, voluntarily, after numerous disagreements with management. He listens to 80's metal bands. He is a baseball fanatic, a road warrior, and an alternative highschool spelling bee champion. Hailing from Sacramento Jason is blue-collar from the north, laid back yet enthusiastic, and more self-educated than un-educated.

Jason has wanted to be a comedian ever since he was convinced, mostly by his own coaches, that he'd probably never be able to hit a big league curve ball. Now he headlines at top comedy clubs, resort casinos, universities, and theatres nationwide with over 200 showdates anually since '98.

Rob Coleman, Jr.

A Cleveland based Comedian who has years of experience performing in several comedy clubs and venues throughout the Midwest. He has hosted, opened and featured for several mainstream comedians including comedy legends like Paul Mooney and Cedric the Entertainer. Rob started comedy in the early 2000s and has never looked back. Today Rob is a well rounded comic able to bring fun and energy to any comedy show.