Shawn Boyd

Fri, Sep 29, 2023
Sat, Sep 30, 2023

Shawn Boyd

with Tom Cullison

HEADLINER, Shawn Boyd is known as the Untypical Black Guy because of the diversity he brings to the show. He talks about what people (All Ethnicities) can relate to, from raising a child by himself to what the world has shown him in his years on this crazy earth. Shawn has opened up for comedians such as Tammi Pascetelli, Dustin Diamond, TJ Miller, Don Jamison, Doug Stanhope, Thea Vidall, TK Kirkland, Michael Blackson, Louie Anderson, Kyle Cease, and many more! Shawn is a crowd favorite wherever he performs and always leaves the crowd wanting more. He has been all over the nation in his 12yrs of comedy from L.A. to Atlanta and the backwoods of WV. You will never be disappointed after seeing a show of his!

Tom Cullison

And your Emcee for the evening...

Tom Cullison, The Voice of Akron is renown for his years at WNIR Radio in Kent, Ohio with his golden hair and a voice to match. For decades he has delivered his funny antidotes, easily kicking off what is to be a fun filled evening.